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In an area of 350 sq.m. consisting of an interior space and a courtyard in the light of nature, the Kerasma restaurant has been created for people who seek pleasure through a dining experience. Fine ingredients in each dish and a wine cellar that is revealed to guests, contribute to the creation of a particularly homely atmosphere.

Kerasma and its philosophy is embodied through the dining experience that takes place here in this space.

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Kerasma restaurant
Greek creative gastronomy in Kerasma Restaurant
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Kerasma Restaurant in Rhodes
Mixed flavours in Kerasma Restaurant
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The restaurant

The Kerasma restaurant is housed in one of the old mansions of Rhodes, a house dating back to the 20th century. This iconic residence has been transformed into a unique restaurant that reflects the history and culture of the place. Time has shaped Kerasma's image and enriched it with atmosphere and character. The elements of this old residence are preserved with pride, with the aim of perceiving the authenticity of the place and offering an unforgettable experience to the guests

The interior of the restaurant exudes a sense of warmth and elegance. Kerasma is more than just a restaurant - it's a dining pleasure and invites you to experience it!

Our Menu
Our Chef

Antonis Moschonas

The chef of Kerasma Restaurant, Antonis Moschonas, imagines and creates dishes at the crossroads of modern cuisine, of which he keeps all the secrets. It combines the basics of classic cuisine and works with precision the most refined and authentic products, in a spirit of modernity. His experience allows him to combine ingredients of classic Mediterranean cuisine and to work with precision the most refined products, in a modern spirit. The chef combines classicism and modernism to compose a cuisine that is excellent, clean, fresh and bold. His creations are part of the Greek and Mediterranean tradition with the aim of innovation. An unforgettable culinary experience unfolds through dynamic flavors that are combined in the most precise way. Chef Antonis Moschonas' ambitions are decidedly creative and research is a priority.

''I like to mix the flavors by stepping on the basics of cooking with respect. I always listen to the customer's opinions because that's the only way I can get better at this job''

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We always welcome walk-ins, however, if you want to secure a table, please book online or by email or call our friendly staff. We have limited reservations available from 5 pm till 11 pm